Hello Bloggers and Blogettes,

The question we were given this week is consider your profession or a profession of interest, how would you describe it in terms of a “professional community” and who would be your “colleagues” in the context of global communication and social media?

Once again, I will relate this question to PR and focus the blog on this.

I know what you are probably all thinking, what is a professional community? I was thinking the exact same thing! After a bit of research here and there I have gathered that, in a nutshell a professional community is basically people who work together in the same industry. Using this knowledge, I have chosen to identify who the main colleagues involved in the PR world surrounded by global communication and social media.

The best thing about modern day PR is that it is now able to give audiences what they want easier as they are able to connect through so many more different mediums. The different mediums can relate and cater to the diverse range of audiences who are being targeted. Therefore, I strongly believe that the people who contribute to PR as a professional community through global communication and social media are EVERYONE!

Recent studies are even talking about how social media may even be the new PR. Sure, I understand where people are coming from by saying this, but i do not entirely agree with it. I think that as social media continues to get bigger and have a stronger influence on the world PR practitioners are grasping this opportunity with both hands and utilising it as an extremely effective tactic. To PR practitioners, Social Media isn’t just seen as a place where people interact and communicate, but as a ‘Business Community’. This business community is one at which PR can use the interactive and engaging methods as tactics for promotion and giving people what they want. As Robert Lahm states

The entrepreneurial blogosphere provides a forum for small businesses to leverage audience communication and participation for marketing outreach. As such, scholars within the discipline of entrepreneurship should embrace the importance of the blogosphere within the practical community, and aggressively pursue the topics of blogging and the blogosphere as subjects under study in their future research efforts. -Lahm, Robert (2011). Entrepreneurial Executive 16: 25-34.

From this quote, I have drawn that business companies and the PR industry should embrace the online world as the people who are using these methods are the people who are contributing to their ideas. It is these people who are creating this business community for PR and in turn are the ones who are making it easier for PR to be more specific and relative to the consumers.

(Social Media for Business, 2011)

This video highlights how much of the world is consumed by social media. Relating back to this weeks questions where it asked who the colleagues would be, I am of the belief that the colleagues are all of the people who are online with social media. PR has changed and is continuing to change since the introduction of social media as there is now a form of two way communication. This communication allows people to be interactive with PR methods and tactics and contribute to developing and increasing the popularity of a business. If a business pulls off one awesome online PR stunt they will be remembered forever in the online world. For example, the Kony Campaign that seemed to have gone viral overnight. Although this all turned pear shape, it took the world by a storm and instantly got people on board all through the company using social media as a PR strategy. Here is a great picture which just highlights the impact that social media has!

(Dunn, J 2012)
In summary, it is EVERYONE who are contributing to PR’s professional community. The millions of minds around the world who are working their fingers to the bone on the keyboard through blogs, tweets and status updates are the ones who are creating more ideas and specifying the needs of consumers which in turn makes social media PR golden.

Thanks for reading!

Have a Tech-riffic Day


Dunn, J (2012). Edudemic, understanding how social media fuelled the Kony 2012 craze.Retrieved 27 march 2013 from, http://edudemic.com/2012/04/understanding-how-social-media-fueled-the-kony-2012-craze/

Lahm, R (2011) Entrepreneurial Executive Publisher. Retrieved 27 March 2013 from, http://www.freepatentsonline.com/article/Entrepreneurial-Executive/263157518.html


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