Hi everyone and welcome to my blog,

I am an 18 year old Bond University student studying a Bachelor of Communications. My degree is very much media based and ironically this is my first every blog, therefore, my first ever blog post (so wish me luck)!

The world has been taken over by the media and all different forms of technologies. Nowadays, we are all very much reliant on our iPhones and Facebook as a form of communicating, which I personally think is great! My posts will be to do with different topics that I am learning about in one of my Uni classes, Digital Media and Society, so they will be tough but I’m willing to give it a crack (so I can get good marks as well). I will apply the different topics to my planned area of profession which is Public Relations & Sport Public Relations.

I look forward to expressing my opinion about the various topics and hope to educate and entertain you.

I hope you enjoy my FIRST EVER BLOG! 🙂


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